#1 Sightsavers

I have decided to start blogging about the  various NGO’s working for various causes to spread it to wider audience . This is the first post in that category .

To start with , Sightsavers is an international organisation that started working since 1966 , which strives to reduce the avoidable blindness and help them further.

The blog post below gives more insights into the same. Volunteering full time can sometimes make you a little energy drained. Especially if the work is related to fund raising and meeting clients. It is very important to look after the hours of sleep gained in that case 🙂



What will volunteering give you?

Will volunteering for a cause give you anything in general? Apart from learning more about the cause you are working with, and how to deal with it. Yes of-course it does!

No matter where you volunteer and for what , it helps the volunteer in various ways.

  1. Personal development: It improves the inter-personal skills , communication skills etc
  2. Networking: Helps you get contacts with people at various levels of hierarchy(eg:manager,director etc)
  3. Decision making skills : It improves the knowledge of how well to tackle a particular critical situation , what’s the best decision at that point etc
  4. Certificate: A certificate showing you are a volunteer can add to the credit in MBA and many other courses.
  5. All in all the feeling of giving back to society ,gives you ultimate satisfaction and utter happiness .

There are too man benefits you receive, being a volunteer . Not all can be pin-pointed but as I would always say “Volunteering is more of helping yourself than someone else,without even knowing you are doing it” 🙂

Happy Volunteering!



The number of volunteers for good social causes are increasing day by day .. The categories for these are just countless , the opportunities infinite..

Sometimes too many options confuse us , we know we want to volunteer yet HOW is the big q..
To start off .. volunteering can be local or virtual .. Once this is known the hunt is volunteer for which cause?!
There are numerous out there !

Should I volunteer to stop child abuse? Animal abuse?  Save abandoned kids? abandoned animals? Help reduce poverty?Shelter?Infrastructure? Teach? … and the list goes on…

After the area of interest is picked , it has options underneath yet again… eg: teach
teach visually impaired?Hearing impaired? underprivileged? Rural?Urban?Advanced exposure? etc etc

Did I confuse more??

Finally the point is doing something here , be it any area,any category it makes a difference!

To reduce the effort of searching and time … I thought I should make a list and I made a website for it!! If it helps you guys too .. I’m glad I made it .. 🙂